Beverage Dispenser

Truer’s sophisticated beverage dispensers can elevate any hospitality business’s operations since we are one of the leading juice dispenser manufacturers. This versatile dispenser is designed for both style and functionality, catering to weddings, parties, and professional buffet setups.

Beverage Dispenser

Commercial Beverage Dispensers in TruerCatering

TruerCatering beverage dispensers simplify and elevate your beverage service to 5-star standards. Each unit’s components are: made from high-quality materials, crafted to perfection, and rigorously tested. Our refined designs create an outstanding presentation for your buffet, restaurant, or beverage stand. They are available in different sizes including single, twin, and triple barrel options. We, additionally, incorporate exceptional functionality features on each model to guarantee you smooth, well-paced beverage dispensing.
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Features of Drink Dispensers by TruerCatering

Large Capacity

We design glass stainless steel, ceramic, and glass beverage dispensers with capacities as high as 10 liters or even 20 liters for twin dispensers. They are ideal for commercial beverage dispenser applications as they can provide uninterrupted buffet or restaurant service.

User-friendly Controls

We believe that any Truer Catering product is only as good as the user experience it provides. Our drink dispensers have quality faucets that users can easily flip open and shut. Other features like well-placed handles and smart touch panels on some models are also carefully designed for easy use.

Suitable for Cold and Hot Drinks

Our factory is equipped with multiple production lines which facilitate a high output of beverage dispensers. We thus have adequate inventory to supply beverage dispensers wholesale and also fulfill custom orders in brief lead times.

Removable parts

Having easy-to-clean and removable parts adds to your brand’s convenience while ensuring easier storage and movement around any part of the hotel or other locations.

Why Choose TruerCatering's Beverage Dispensers?

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Sufficient Inventory

High-Quality Materials

Tips on Choosing Beverage Dispensers to Boost Your Catering Business

Aesthetics are a crucial aspect when setting up a buffet. Choosing drink dispensers with refined designs enables you to achieve this and attract diners to sample your beverages and meals. Glass beverage dispensers, for example, can be quite appealing because they display drinks like fruit juices in all their appetizing colors.

Essential Functionality Features

Aim for beverage dispensers that have specific features to support efficient performance. This includes reliable faucets that easily open and close as needed. The faucet system should also pour out drinks gradually to avoid wastage and messy spills. Provisions such as drainage sinks to manage spills and drink dispenser stands for easy setup are equally a plus.

Easy-to-clean Designs

High hygiene standards are non-negotiable in catering. An ideal beverage dispenser should therefore be easy to open or disassemble and clean. Evaluate drink dispenser materials as well to find out if they hold onto stains from beverages like coffee or juices. Such materials would make for a tough cleaning process; aim for higher-quality alternatives that do not stain.


Prioritize water, juice, or liquor dispensers made using premium durable materials like: food-safe 304 stainless steel, tempered glass, or strengthened PP. Such materials ensure that the dispensers serve you longer and keep performing optimally even with frequent use.


Buffets or events often feature a variety of drinks served at different temperatures. It is thus favorable to invest in party drink dispensers that enable you to serve both hot and cold drinks. 

Temperature Control and Monitoring

A temperature control system allows you to set a suitable hot or cold beverage temperature on a dispenser and maintain it for as long as you need to. The monitoring system, on the other hand, keeps track of and indicates the temperature of the beverage in a dispenser. 

These features are beneficial as they enable you to serve drinks at optimal temperatures.


Catering often involves transporting equipment and creating buffet setups. Compact drink dispensers that you can disassemble for portability and storage are thus more convenient for such applications.

FAQs on Beverage Drink Dispensers

  • What is a beverage dispenser?

    A beverage dispenser is a machine or container designed to hold and serve drinks at events or meal times. It has a tap system that diners or wait staff can open to serve a drink and shut off when an adequate beverage amount is dispensed.

  • Parts of a drink dispenser

    A typical drink dispenser comprises:

    • A barrel/jar-like container with a lid – to hold the drink
    • A tap system – to dispense the drink
    • A drainage sink/tray – to drain any overflows when dispensing beverages
    • A drink dispenser stand – to hold the drink container

    Commercial drink dispensers may have electric beverage warming or refrigeration systems in addition to the components listed above.

  • Applications of drink dispensers

    Beverage dispensers are suitable for serving assorted drinks like iced tea, lemonade, soda, juices, or liquor at:

    • Parties and events
    • Buffet food service
    • Restaurants
    • Concession stands at theatres, parks, or malls
  • Cold drink dispensers vs hot drink dispensers

    Cold drink dispensers are designed to only serve chilled or room-temperature beverages. They can be made of stainless steel, glass, ceramic, toughened plastic, or a combination of these materials.

    Some models come with a refrigeration system for more precise and consistent cold temperature control. 


    In comparison, a hot drink dispenser is optimized to serve drinks at or above room temperature. They are often made of stainless steel or borosilicate glass as it can handle high heat. 

    Just like some cold drink dispensers have refrigeration systems, some hot drink dispensers have electric heating systems to keep beverages hot at a consistent temperature for as long as necessary.

    For both hot and cold drink dispensers, it is imperative to adhere to the temperatures specified by the beverage dispenser manufacturer. Overlooking such a recommendation can damage the dispenser or cause it to malfunction and harm users.

  • What materials are used to make beverage dispensers?

    • Glass – borosilicate or tempered glass is the most suitable as it is more resilient and does not break easily when exposed to hot or cold drinks.
    • Stainless steel – it is a food-safe metal that remains corrosion-resistant whether it is used to serve neutral, alkaline, or, acidic beverages. It equally holds both cold and hot drinks without any risk of damage.
    • Plastic – thickened plastic material is ideal for cold and room-temperature drink dispensers. It is great for durability as plastic is not prone to breakage and can be used to safely chill drinks in a refrigerator before service. Plastic is, however, not highly recommended for hot beverage dispensers as it may not handle heat well, and even when it does, it presents the risk of BPAs.
    • Ceramic – ceramic material is highly efficient at keeping drinks cool even without a refrigeration system to back it. It, however, requires careful handling as it is fragile.
  • How to use a beverage dispenser

    When using a non-electric beverage dispenser:

    • Prepare a clean flat surface for beverage service
    • Place the beverage dispenser stand on it
    • Ensure that the beverage dispenser is clean and the dispensing tap is on the closed setting
    • Fill the drink dispenser with the beverage you plan to serve
    • Carefully place the filled drink dispenser on its stand and ensure that it is stable
    • Place the drainage tray/sink directly under the dispenser tap

    When using an electric drink dispenser, follow the steps above then: 

    • Plug in the drink dispenser to an electric outlet
    • Turn on the dispenser
    • Set an appropriate drink warming or cooling temperature 

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